take a photo. send a postcard

Now you can quickly and easily create, print and mail personalized
photo postcards directly from your iPhone.
Simply choose a photo, add your message, and select a mailing
address. goPostal will automatically print and mail your postcard to
your friends and family.
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How It Works

goPostal is a powerful, easy to use application that will allow you to create and mail a physical, personalized postcard to any friend, relative, or associate directly from your iPhone. Simply take a photo (or choose one from your library), add a customized message, and select a recipient from your address book. Your postcard will then be delivered via U.S. Mail.

Each postcard costs $1.29 when using the iPhone application, which includes postage. goPostal also uses state of the art SSL security to verify that all of your information is securely transmitted.

The goPostal iPhone application is a free download from the iPhone App Store.