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Simply choose a photo, add your message, and select a mailing
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your friends and family.
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goPostal Version 2.0 Is Available Now!

April 16, 2010
It is with great pride that I am able to announce the newest update of the goPostal iPhone application! We have been listenining to your requests, and we have tried to work as many new and exciting features into this app as possible! Of course, we have also done a lot of behind the scenes work, making it easier for you to place orders and change account information.

One feature I am incredibly excited about is the History toolbar, which will now let you view any orders you have previously placed, as well as making it incredibly easy to reorder any postcard! Should your order fail to upload for any reason (lack of internet connection, incorrect credit card, etc), then your order will be saved, and you can simply replace it at any point in time!

Go ahead and give the new update a try, and please let us know what you think!

The Best Travel Apps for Your iPhone

August 20, 2009
In the September 2009 edition of National Geographic Traveler, goPostal is listed as on of the best travel apps for your iPhone!

Send a postcard: Send updates to friends back home using TripTrack ($3). Journal updates and snapshots taken with the iPhone are posted on a website. Prefer an old-fashioned postcard? For $1.29, goPostal will print a postcard using your photo and message and drop it in the mail.

You can read this article online at traveler.nationalgeographic.com, or simply pick up the September 2009 issue at your nearest bookstore!

Tech Tools for Parents

August 7, 2009
Check out this article from www.theonlinemom.com to see what they're saying about goPostal!

The service, available via the iPhone application store, allows users to snap a photo with an iPhone and send it as a printed-as in bona fide snail mail!-postcard to anyone, anywhere. Instead of buying a generic postcard from your destination, you can customize your own card to send to friends or family, or create a souvenir for yourself that you won't even have to carry home!

Some may say that letter-writing is a lost art. Personally, I think that with new technology like this, it just keeps getting better!

Take a look at this article, as well as others, at www.theonlinemom.com!

Tips from Rand McNally...

July 27, 2009
Rand McNally recently posted a few tips from their "on the Road" travel blog:

With just a few taps the iPhone app goPostal allows travelers to personalize both sides of their postcards, making for a perfect souvenir you won't have to lug back home. Images taken with iPhone cameras can become a 4x6 paper postcard with an individual message for recipients around the world. It's a great way to show off exactly what you saw and did on your trip.

Check out this article, as well as others, at ontheroad.randmcnally.com!

Changing the World, One App at a Time

July 15, 2009
I'm not sure if I could have said it better...

"I for one miss a good old fashioned letter, or receiving a postcard for that matter. It's an art that has been lost in the accelerated pace of modern life, and the dumbing down and lazy nature of todays generation. But GoPostal claws back in hope... It's not just about sending a picture message to nearest and dearest. It's bringing back the statement of a traditional channel using the latest technology to make it more relevant to a modern audience."

Read more at advertisingmatters.wordpress.com!

iPhone app creates and sends real postcards...

July 14, 2009
Yet another task the iPhone can simplify: creating, printing and sending postcards without ever having to physically handle one. PrintYourLife.com has devised an iPhone app called goPostal, which can be downloaded to the iPhone for free. Users take a photo or choose one they've snapped earlier, write a message and select a recipient from their phone's address book. The postcard is then printed and delivered via postal mail to anywhere within the US for USD 1.29.

goPostal's missives provide a tangible and perhaps more thoughtful alternative to emailing a photo, without more effort for senders.

Read more at www.springwise.com!

No iPhone? No Problem!

June 19, 2009
The goPostal iPhone application is no longer just for iPhone users! Now anyone can order a personalized, physical postcard directly from www.PrintYourLife.com!

The process is the same as on the iPhone; simply sign in, upload a photo, add a message, and choose your recipients; your postcard is printed and mailed to your friends or family within 24 hours! You'll also notice that as you order additional postcards, your previous messages and addresses are saved for your convenience!

Go ahead and give the goPostal web application a try! Use promo code NEWUSER for 15% off your order!

What are you saying with your postcards?

June 9, 2009
Simon just sent in some great ideas from swcamborne.com

Check out their site and then think about sending your Christmas cards by selecting a photo and greeting, clicking your address list and then hitting the send button. The recipients will receive cards in the mail just like always. They will be personalized and stamped and you won’t have had to do any of the work. The cost of a post card ($1.29) is cheaper than the cost of buying a Christmas card and a stamp and there is no labor.

There are so many different ways to use personalized postcards... thank you's, travel updates, or Christmas wishes are just a few examples! What are you saying with your postcards? Let us know!

Send a Personalized Postcard from Your iPhone!

May 29, 2009
What a great review by matadorgoods.com! Here's a segment from their article:

Tired of hunting down mailboxes and checking on postage prices when you should be out exploring? Now with goPostal, you can send a personalized postcard directly from your iPhone or iTouch...The 4x 6 postcard, which includes a UV protective coating, is delivered to your U.S. resident of choice via the U.S. Postal Service. The cost is $1.29 per postcard, which includes postage: both convenient and thrifty for travelers that want to send a customized souvenir to friends and family.

Check out their article at matadorgoods.com

New Website!

May 26, 2009
As you have probably already noticed, we have just launched our new PrintYourLife.com website! As well as being cleaner and easier to use, we are also hard at working creating an 'Order Online' option for those looking to order postcards directly from your computer. The price will be exactly the same, as will the quality of the cards you receive. Hopefully, this additional part of the site will be up and running very soon; We will definitely let you know as soon as it is available!

Like the new look? Let us know!

Postcards from the EDGE network!

May 4, 2009
This weekend, goPostal was featured on TUAW.com!

"I had a chance to try out Go Postal recently, and I wish that the app had been available while I was in Africa a few months ago. I could have used it to send postcards to my friends back in the States! All you need to do is load the free app from the App Store, take a photo with your iPhone camera or pull one from your camera roll, tap in a short personalized message and the address of the recipient(s), and then send the order off to PrintYourLife.com. A picture postcard is then sent to your friends within one day. I enjoyed using Go Postal, and I felt that the quality of the postcards is top notch."

Thanks for the review! And welcome to all our new goPostal users!

Welcome to the iTunes App store!

April 27th, 2009
goPostal is now live and available now in the iTunes App store! Go check it out (it's a free download), and start sending your personalized postcards to your friends and loved ones...

Orders are coming in and being delivered to the Post Office on a daily basis, and these postcards look incredible! Once you've received yours, let us know what you think!

goPostal Is Officially Submitted!

April 7th, 2009
Beta testing was a great success (thanks to everyone who volunteered to test our application)! We got all of the bugs worked out, and today we are submitting goPostal to the iTunes App Store.

We are unsure of the approval time; we've heard reports of it taking anywhere from a day to three months, so it might still be a while before you can find us in iTunes. Our next goal is to ramp up our marketing, so that when we do become available nationwide, we can begin letting everyone know about this great new application for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

goPostal Heads into Beta Testing!

March 27th, 2009
After countless hours of hard work and planning, goPostal has one last stop before hitting the iTunes App Store... Beta Testing! This is where we give copies of the application to everyone we can, with the hopes that after days of pounding away, no bugs or errors will be found...

Of course, this is also the part where people tell you what they don't like, what needs to be fixed, and simply criticizes you in general.

If you would like to be a Beta Tester and are good at honest criticism, please email kevin@printyourlife.com for more details.