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Now you can quickly and easily create, print and mail personalized
photo postcards directly from your iPhone.
Simply choose a photo, add your message, and select a mailing
address. goPostal will automatically print and mail your postcard to
your friends and family.
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Share Your Stories

How are you using goPostal? Are you sending postcards from Europe? Are you using it to connect with customers or prospects? Or are you simply keeping in touch with friends and family?

Share your goPostal story with us, and we might feature it on PrintYourLife.com! Simply send an email to kevin@printyourlife.com with your name and how you are using the goPostal iPhone app.

Printing My Life
"I work on a cruise ship and only see my friends and family 1-2 times a year at most. This app is the perfect way to keep them updated on my adventures at sea. Instead of wasting money on the same old postcards in every port, they get a great keepsake that is fresh and new and an updated pic of me! My nieces and nephews love seeing where Auntie Jen went this week. Plus the hassle of finding correct postage and the time to get to a post office are a thing of the past. This is my favorite app!!!!"
- Jen
Just wanted to say how much we're enjoying your service!
"Our daughter is in the U.S. Coast Guard and is stationed on a cutter across the country from her family. When she received her post card the other day from all of us, she just had a FIT! It made her day!! Thank you for your service and also for making it affordable. It's nice to know that we're able to put a big smile on her face thru the mail wherever she is!"
- Mike and Joan
Nice Work!
"GoPostal was so convenient and helpful during our previous travels, we decided to use it to send Save the Date announcements for our upcoming wedding. This is a great service for individual or bulk greetings or information. GoPostal's customer service has been outstanding. They have a specialized product and have thought of everything to make it very convenient, affordable and fun both to send and receive. Nice work!"
- Sean
Saying Thanks!
"Picture postcards are so fun and such a great way to document memorable occasions or travels. Using goPostal on our cross-country trip was a great way to thank the people we had visited."
- Paige
My brother and his wife are celebrating their wedding anniversary. I went to the place on the beach that they were married and wrote their names in the sand. I sent them a goPostal postcard photo of it for a meaningful message as opposed to a generic card sentiment. Thanks goPostal!
- Russell
Sending Postcards from Europe!
"I've been in Europe for the past week on vacation, and it's great being able to send a postcard back to my family for less than the cost of international postage, knowing it will actually get back before I do!"
- Eliana